Thursday, June 2, 2011

Let's go Giants!!!

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AT&T Park...home of the San Francisco Giants

How can you live in San Francisco and not love the Giants? The excitement of their World Series win still hasn't worn off. Every time someone calls them the reigning champs it just gives me the chills.

But even a championship can't dispel the classic Giants torture. Just last week, we all mourned the probable end of Buster Posey's season. The thought of more than half a season without our Rookie of the Year...well it's just too sad. Not to mention all the other injuries the team has already sustained, including our beloved Panda. The uncertainty of our shortstop, Miguel Tejada, who swings at everything and sometimes seems a little error-proned. Huff's rocky start in right field, followed by a seemingly endless hitting slump...

until tonight and the 3 Homerun game!!! The torture always seems to be followed by amazing plays and great rallies. Giants are back at the top of the NL West. And let's not forget one of our bright shining stars so far this season, Nate Schierholtz. Nate has saved games with his glove and his bat. How can you not love this speedy outfielder with a rocket of an arm and those sexy, athletic thighs?

When it comes to Giants there really is so much to love. A great team for a great city. Maybe someday I'll actually have the money for those season tickets I've been dreaming of. Until then it's dynamic deals and listening to the games on KNBR. All that's left to say is...

Fear the Beard! Let's go for the repeat. You're welcome!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

All things Japanese

So it's been a while since I've written, but I'm still here and still loving this city. My life has been a little crazy hectic this month with work, so I wanted to get out this weekend and have some fun. Today Nik and I headed up Irving street to one of the most awesome stores in the world, Sakura. It's a tiny little Japanese shop that sells candy, housewares, groceries, stationary...pretty much anything you could possibly want.

They make great use of a small space putting cute amazing stuff on every shelf in every corner. The owner is super friendly and always very happy. I love this place, and it is always hard for me to walk out without buying a cute little bento box. Today was no exception, I found a cute little lunch cooler bag and a bento box.

Of course we had to get Pocky and Hello Panda snacks as well. If you are ever in the Inner Sunset near 11th Avenue you must check out Sakura. Cutest, greatest shop ever!!!
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Give me sugar!!!

I love candy! Who doesn't love candy? It's sweet. It's cute. It comes in bright, colorful packaging. The sugar rush feels so good even if it might be followed by the dreaded sugar crash. There are not many candies that I don't love.  Unfortunately though there are some candies that I love but are difficult to come by.  One of these would be the amazing Green Tea Kit Kat that comes from Japan.

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My sister lives in Japan, and she sent some of these over a couple years ago. I have been hooked ever since. Seriously, so freaking delicious! Much to my dismay, it has been near impossible trying to find these outside of Japan.  Even with all the specialty Japanese stores in San Francisco, we have been in a huge green tea Kit Kat drought. Until now...

Enter Icandy

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This awesome little shop opened up a couple months ago in our neighborhood, just a few blocks south near 41st and Taraval. OMG, this place is heaven!!! They specialize in Japanese and American candy and snacks. Their selection is outstanding. They have candy I didn't even know still existed, like Now and Later. The first time I stepped foot in here I immediately fell in love. So much candy...

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and hardly a miss in the bunch. I could do without all the dried fish snacks, but I know some people like those things. I certainly wouldn't want to deny anyone their dried fish. They have all the Japanese greats; Hello Panda, Pocky, mochi, and flavored Kit Kats. Of course I got some Green Tea Kit Kats, and also decided to try the Blueberry. Flavored Kit Kats are amazing, why don't they make these things in America?

I am so glad Icandy has opened even though I could see this place being totally dangerous. I feel like I could go in there and drop $50 on candy no problem. This place is totally one of my new favorite things and just another reason in a long list of why I love this city.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Pizza Place

One of the greatest things about living in San Francisco is the food. There is no shortage of delicious food here. Even being a vegetarian, the choices are endless.

A favorite place of ours is just blocks away on 46th and Noriega. It is simply called The Pizza Place, and it is amazing. The Pizza Place does one style of pizza, thin crust, but you can get it meaty, vegetarian or even vegan. With your pizza you can enjoy a salad, french fries, or even braised greens.

While the greens are very tasty, our appetizer of choice is usually the Sweet Potato Steak Fries. These things are monstrous and come with homemade ranch and buffalo sauce. Both sauces are so good, it's always a dilemma trying to decide which one to dip the fries in. I usually just end up alternating every other bite.
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In true thin crust fashion, the pizzas here are ginormous. We always get the large so we'll have leftovers. This place has great toppings like roasted potatoes, mini tomatoes, carmelized onions and vegan pesto. Pictured below is the Besto with pesto, feta, roasted potatoes, and roasted red peppers. So totally scrumptious!

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In addition to the great food, the atmosphere here is totally laid back. They have cheap pitchers of PBR. A big screen TV to watch all the local teams. Mismatched plates and flatware that look they were picked up at various thrift stores. This place knows what it is and does it perfectly. I always love coming here, and am never been disappointed. I ♥ The Pizza Place

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gotta have a montage!

Happy Anniversary, San Francisco!!! We've been together four years now, do you still love me as much as I love you?

As promised, I put together a few of the pictures I've taken over the past four years. These are some of my favorite images. They have been carefully categorized and overly collaged by me in Picasa (sorry, I'm a little addicted to collages).

The City
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The Flora

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The Fauna

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Having Fun and Being Cute

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Cakes and Cupcakes

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Giants Baseball

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Battling the chill of the Fog

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We've come a long way, baby!

I'm currently working on a photo montage for our 4 year San Francisco Anniversary, which is TODAY! I figured it would be the perfect thing for this blog about how much I love this city. 

To be honest, it wasn't love at first sight.  It was a big transition for me and took some getting used to.  I was sad for a while being so far away from most of the people I really loved. Over time I came to love this place, and I think if we ever leave I will definitely leave my heart (or at least a part of it in San Francisco). 

Cheesiness aside, I found two great pictures to illustrate just how far we've all come in the past 4 years, especially the City of San Francisco.  4 amazing years and we've been through so much! 

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Theses two photos were not planned.  The first is the construction of the California Academy of Sciences as seen from the De Young Tower taken shortly after Nik and I moved here in August 2006. The second is the finished California Academy of Sciences taken from roughly the same spot in the Tower in Spring 2010.  I found these last night looking through all my photos and thought it was so appropriate for today.  Stay tuned for more amazing photos from the City by the Bay!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Favorite Spots: The Rooftop Garden @ Mission and 1st

Cubicles and offices can be dark and gloomy. They can leave you dreary and out-of-touch with the natural world. There are days when I'm not even sure if the sun is shining because I'm trapped in my office behind a computer screen. With such conditions, it becomes absolutely necessary to escape at lunchtime and enjoy the outdoors.

Downtown San Francisco is not exactly jam-packed with green spaces, but they do exist. My most favorite, or at least the best and closest one to my work is a rooftop garden off of First Street on Mission on top of a parking garage. This is THE spot to go to grab some rays and enjoy your lunch. There are trees and flowers and grass; it feels like an oasis among the tall concrete and glass buildings. It's not a secret place, and on sunny days can be quite crowded, but nothing can really deter me from coming here.

If you need some structure, there are a few tables and chairs. If you want to lounge around, there are a couple large, grassy areas suitable for a laying about and getting a tan. You'll definitely see a few suits taking brief naps here on the nicest of days.

I really can't think of a bad thing to say about this place. I kind of wish they had compost bins along with the trash and recycling, but that is seriously the only negative for me. Some weeks I come here every day. The sunshine can be quite addictive. Even when I don't make it out to the garden, it's reassuring knowing it is there should I need a swift kick of vitamin D or just to see some flowers in the midst of the concrete jungle.
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